ATMEL Corporation

Colorado Springs, CO 

ATMEL’s Fabrication Facility in Colorado Springs is a high-tech, 178,000 sq. ft.
Semi-conductor manufacturing facility incorporating: 

 37,800sq. ft. of office space

 91,600sq. ft. sub-fab process area including
      • Class 1, Division 1 Gas Cylinder and Chemical Storage Area
      • Explosion-proof electrical installation

48,600sq. ft. Class 1 Cleanroom including
     • Air Handlers
     • Scrubbers
     • HEPA Filters
     • Humidifiers
     • High Purity Gas and Regeneration Waste Treatment Systems

This project was completed on a design-assist rapid schedule to ensure
installation ran concurrently with design. 

AGC of Colorado awarded Ludvik Electric Co. A 1994 ACE Award for this project

General Contractor:  M.A. Mortenson