Jefferson County Government Center

Jefferson County, CO

The Government Center is known as the 'Taj Mahal' of Colorado and is recognizable by its 125'-high, skylight rotunda.
The construction adheres to advanced safety measures including the remote controlled
magnetic prisoner transportation system.

The new 510,300 sq. ft. county 
government center includes:
• 220,400 sq. ft. of court room wings

• 14,600 sq. ft. 2-level central
   entrance lobby  with dining facilities

• 14,300 sq. ft. tunnel and central
   holding cell connected to the 
   County Detention Facility

• Two 178,700 sq. ft. parking structures 


General Contractor:  PCL Construction Services, Inc
AGC of Colorado awarded Ludvik Electric Co. A 1993 (ACE) Bronze Award for this project