Prefabrication & Warehouse

Ludvik Electric Co. - Prefabricated Perfection

Ludvik Electric Co.'s Prefabrication shop keeps costs down and production up.  By identifying prefabrication opportunities early in the construction process, we are able to focus on scheduling, cost, quality and safety, both on-site and off.

Ludvik Electric's warehouse is designed to centralize all ordering and storing of material.  The experience and organization of our Warehousing Department maintains costs, quality and consistency in purchasing and staging of materials.
Through continuous coordination with the design team, project staff, and vendors; Warehousing orders and delivers what projects need, well ahead of when they need it. 


 Advantages of Prefabrication

 • Reduced cost of labor, material & tools
    • Climate controlled environment
    • Reduced on-site construction & congestion
    • Reduced size of laydown area on-site
    • Quality control & consistency are easily monitored
        • Reduction of waste through recycling of material